Renovations, Additions, and New Construction

Our Work

Entablature is an award-winning general contractor holding both residential and commercial licenses. Our work includes new construction, additions, and renovations. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of New Orleans’ architecture and our ability to blend our work into the historic character of the City and the neighborhoods in which we work.

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Our Process

Entablature embraces the design-build approach and encourages prospective clients to contact us as early in the planning stages as possible. Ideally, we like to work collaboratively with a project's owner and designer from the inception of the project in order to value-engineer the project and help owners achieve the best possible results within their desired budgets. We do understand, however, that some projects do not lend themselves to this type of process, and we welcome prospective clients to contact us even when they already have their plans complete.

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Our Team

Entablature employs a highly-qualified team of home-building professionals and provides our clients with access to the most advanced online project management platform on the market in order to keep clients continuously informed and engaged in the progress of their project.

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