The Design-Build Process

In contrast to the traditional model of competitive bidding, we take a collaborative approach, working with homeowners and their designers to value-engineer a project and get our clients the best possible results within their desired budgets. Our mission is to partner with our clients and develop trusting, open lines of communication through which our clients can make informed decisions. A vital differentiating element of this philosophy is our desire to be direct and transparent about budgets. We provide detailed line item budgets with fixed costs, so that we form a team in which the client and the contractor work together toward the same financial goal.

Whether you have just started thinking about your new home, you already have an architect working on plans, or your plans are complete, Entablature is happy to assist you with the design phase of your project.

What to Expect


Entablature's process starts with an initial meeting at your home or our office. During this meeting, we will discuss your project in broad terms, including your needs and goals for the finished project, your budget, and your timeline. We will talk with you about how well-run construction projects should proceed, and explore the ways Entablature can assist you.


In our experience, we are able to achieve the best results for our clients when we are able to work collaboratively with them and their designers from the project's inception under the terms of a Pre-construction Services Agreement (PSA). When we are engaged in a PSA with a client, we continually communicate and collaborate with the designer, and we evaluate costs at several points to ensure that design is progressing in line with your stated budget goals. This approach requires some preliminary investment by the home-owner. In addition to services such as surveys and engineering work, which Entablature arranges for our clients at cost, with no mark-up, Entablature charges a small fee for our pre-construction services, a portion of which is credited toward the costs of your project if you enter into a construction contract with Entablature.

We recognize, however, that some clients may not be aware of the design-build approach and may wait until after designs are complete before seeking a builder. We are happy to accommodate this approach as well. In this case, our role during the pre-construction stage may be more limited, but regardless of when we are brought into the process, we will provide our knowledge and expertise to the greatest extent possible in order to assist our clients in achieving their goals.


The second stage of the design-build process, Construction, includes permitting, selecting materials and finishes, and the actual construction of your project. Throughout construction, you will have access to your own personalized owner’s portal within our cloud-based project management system, BuilderTrend. This gives you unparalleled, 24/7 access to information regarding the progress of your project and allows everyone on the team to stay on the same page.


The final stage of the design-build process, Post-Construction, includes your warranty. Entablature’s success is rooted in our satisfied clients. We demand the highest quality from ourselves and our trade partners, but we recognize that occasionally issues arise after construction is complete. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that we warranty our work for a full year and that we will be there if a warranty item needs to be addressed.


Entablature provides our clients access to BuilderTrend, the most advanced web-based project management platform on the market. BuilderTrend is the hub through which clients can monitor the progress of their renovation, manage all of the project’s financial transactions, and communicate with the Entablature team. It is a multi-media interface that provides 24-7 access to pictures, calendars, weather updates, budgets, a message center, and a repository for all important project documents like contracts and change orders. Through BuilderTrend, Entablature’s clients are continuously updated on all aspects of their project’s progress.